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Mary Snyder’s busy blog is one of multiple ways crowds of women connect with this leader’s message of hope, joy, and adventure in Jesus Christ.

As Premier Christian Cruises Girl’s Get-A-Way group coordinator, contest director, and girlfriend leader, Mary has a following that’s near, far, and across cultures because she carries God’s Holy truth in her messages with God’s love, humor, and vivid detail. Snyder testifies that life’s path is a walk of faith, including “litter, potholes, and missteps,” as she mentors and teaches “fellow travelers” in small groups, writes books and online articles, and speaks to audiences—on sea and land. Snyder uses that less-than-perfect life as the vehicle to share her passion for women to grow in deep relationship with the Lord, know His Holy Word, and enjoy serving Him at home and afar.

When she’s not cruisin’ and connecting on the ocean or Route 66, Mary makes the Birmingham, Alabama, area home.

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