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Handcuffed to a doorknob for months by a man she originally thought was her boyfriend. Then handed over to a middle-aged woman who transferred her to traffickers in Las Vegas. Held there with other victims in an abandoned warehouse and forced to work as a teen prostitute. Taken back and forth across the country for the same purposes.

This is Chong Kim’s dramatic story from 1995 until the day she escaped in 1997. In the interview found below she provides chilling insight into how organized crime runs its sex trafficking operations in the US. Women and children are being enslaved to satisfy the twisted desires of clients and others (via pornography). It’s about a grotesque need for power and control, Kim says.

Chong Kim is now a conference speaker, writer, wife, and mother living in Texas. Learn more about human trafficking and its prevention in Not in My Town  by Dillon Burroughs and Charles Powell. The book and companion DVD (included) comprise their look into the secret world of America’s modern slave trade. There is also a chapter on international human trafficking.

Read an excerpt from Not in My Town and learn more about Chong Kim’s story.



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